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Welcome to "The PARADOX", or I would say Welcome to "My Paradox"

We as humans are blessed with a special gift, that is the Ability to Think and Re-Think.
PARADOX is a place where we can share what is beyond possibilities and have no defined definition to express.

"Don't Worry If You Can't Find Meaning In Your Work, We Only Able To Define The Things That We Already Know"
-Vinamra Sharma

Let's Share Something That is Meant To Be Shared!

I believe thinking should have no limits and to prove the same, I am on this mission to write meanings inspite of just words.
“My Side Of The Paradox” is my dream to share what I feel and find in my journey of life.

Let's Talk To The Point!

AimTo Write A Book
TitleMy Side of the Paradox
AboutScience, Technology, Space, Philosophy, Innovation & Beyond
Start Date24th Feb 2022
Expected Completion18th July 2022
Where it Will be PublishedLet’s Write first and find a perfect publisher later
Expected Length250 to 300 pages

“I may not know why I am doing this now, but I know it will find meaning later!”


Feel free to send me your suggestions by mail, or if you also want to contribute do write me at vinamrasharma5@gmail.com

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