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Hey, I am Vinamra Sharma

vinamrasharma5 [at] gmail [dot] com

I am a UK based technology enthusiast who is passionate about leveraging tech for social good. So far, I have been a part of over 100 hackathons, where I collaborated with more than 400 individuals and secured over 50 awards from  prestigious institutions such as MIT, Harvard, UCR, Duke, Morgan Stanley, FDM, and UNICEF.

My interest extends to researching computational phenomena and their practical applications across various domains. To date, I have authored three research papers and received two “Best Research Paper” awards from IEEE and Springer conferences. I hold a Master’s degree in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. Previously, I earned my Engineering degree with Honours (Top 0.5%) from BTKIT in Uttarakhand, India. Presently, I am working as a Full-Stack developer leading the development of a data centric AI platform for my employer funded by UKRI.

My research interests lie in Machine Learning, On-device Learning, Cyber Security, User-Centric Security, and Natural Language Processing. Though I am continually driven by a passion to learn and explore new topics in technology. 

I founded PERPLEXED with a mission to provide “Equal and Quality Education” to everyone, everywhere. Additionally, in response to the urgent challenge of “Climate Change,” I am actively developing ClimateThread

I am actively seeking PhD or industry positions. If you have any opportunity, please feel free to schedule a quick meet by tapping here.

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