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I am Vinamra Sharma

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Vinamra Sharma- Hey

"Humans Are Complex Machines Are Simple"

🙏 , I am Vinamra Sharma

A Tech-Enthusiast who love to explore new technologies and believes that “Advancement in technology is our today’s investment for a better tomorrow”
I am a Hackathon Person who actively takes part in hackathons around the globe, sometimes as a participant, sometimes as a mentor and sometimes as a judge.
Apart from this, I love to do research and find something new in everything!

Come Let's Create this world a better place !

"Everything matters, either small or big"
Come, Let’s join our hands and work together for a cause with a positive vision. I am an optimistic person who highly believes that together we could turn any target down and could achieve anything if we are determined and passionate about it.
Research papers
Awards Recieved

Work Experience

August 2021 - Present
CS-Intern at UpGrad Campus
• Work to complete the assigned task.
• Helps develop better models.
• Take part in activities and help students.
• Work to improvise and generate effective ways in order to promote learning.
May 2021 - Present
Founder at PERPLEXED
• Monitors the overall progress of all PERPLEXED.
• Helps gain supporters and partners.
• In charge of vetting and onboarding process.
• Authorizes and approves/rejects requests that affect quality and resources regarding PERPLEXED.
June 2020 - September 2020
Research Intern at BTKIT
• Developed machine learning-based recommendation and ranking module.
• Published one research paper: proposing the implementation of the model.
• Created a full-stack website for the showcase of the project.
• Completed the entire project within the prescribed time period.


May, 2021 - Present
Website Manager at Auteur Magazine
• Provides technical expertise.
• Maintains and update the website
• Develop new modules for the website
• Advises on technical strategy, policy, and procedure.
July 2021 - Present
Content Co-Director at RadScholars
• Responsible for drafting content in support of the research going across the organization.
• Advise on innovative ideas for the growth of the organization.
• Actively attend weekly meetings and share new updates.
July 2021 - Present
Fellow at Policy for the People(Harvard Innovation Labs)
• Responsible for continuing research on my selected field of interest.
• Attending monthly events and meetings of the fellowship.
• Coordinating with municipal/collegiate newsletters for media coverage for the policy brief's press release.
March 2021 - Present
Technology Lead at POWAN
• Provides technical expertise in an administrative process.
• Designs the technical architecture (software, hardware, and interfaces) for the system.
• Advises on technical strategy, policy, and procedure.
• Provides technical leadership for the programming team.
February 2021 - Present
Tech Lead at LetsGrowMore
• Developed web platforms for the community.
• Lead the entire technical team working on various tasks and technologies.
• Organized 2 month-long open-source event with more than 5000 participants.
• Delivered more than 2 sessions on various technologies.
December 2019 - February 2021
Secretary at IEEE-SB(BTKIT)
• Organized various events for the students.
• Represented the college in IEEEXtream 14.0 and got All India Rank of 12.
• Took part in various activities, motivated fellow mates to join IEEE.


2018 - 2022
Bachelor of Technology
Major: Computer Science and Engineering
Institution: Bipin Tripathi Kumaon Institute of Technology (Dwarahat, UK, India)
83.33% (up-to-now)
2016 - 2018
Major: Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, Computer Science
Institution: Kendriya Vidyalaya (BHEL, Haridwar, UK, India)

My Objectives!

Contribute For A Meaning

I really believe that we all come to this world with a missions and our lives are useless unless we have a vision of contributing for a meaning.

Make A Difference

Speaking honestly i just worry, not just worry but in-fact i fear to stay/live ordinary.

Help People With My Abilities

Following a quote by someone i idealise personally, i believes that advancement in technology & knowledge is useless unless, it is coupled with a sense of love and compassion for fellow beings.

Some Recent Works !

Wanna Talk To Me ?

Hey , I am always happy to connect and talk with humans, so if you are ahuman and want to share something with me or neeed any help by my side, feel free to schedule meet with me !