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Cyber Security and applied cryptography

Learning beyond πŸ™‚
"15 Days Learning Bootcamp"

The only Goal of this Bootcamp is Learning Together

This page is designed to be shared with everyone so that we can be able to learn better together in this 15 day bootcamp!

πŸ“œ Description

Cyber Security and Applied cryptography is a 15 days fast bootcamp. Here we will review the material on daily basis that will consist of content in the form of videos and notes from various sources and resources, we will hold roughly an hour of discussion session so that we all will be on same page and pace. Apart from this the sole purpose of this meeting will be to share knowledge and get clear with doubts πŸ™‚

If you are wondering why I am doing this, just write me an email that actually motivates me to answer, I expect something different and interesting; be thoughtful so!Β  :-0 (info@vinamrasharma.com)

πŸ— Key Information

Prerequisite(s): Basic understanding of Computer Science is required

How we plan to study:Β We will be consuming resources from various platforms and top organizations/educational institutions that is available for free, additional to this we will host 1 hour daily discussion/update session to ensure our continuity.

Who can Join: Open for everyone and anyone despite of race, location, age, level, or gender.

Start Date: 16th Feb 2023

End Date: 4th March 2023

Communication: Click Here to Join The Discord

“This is not a course but a learning activity letting us to consume and implement knowledge”

πŸ† Schedule With Resource List

Date: 16th Feb 2023

Key Topic: Cyber Security Introduction

Subtopics Videos: Overview of cybersecurity?, Why we need cyber Security, Aspect of Cyber Security, Type of Computer Network (LAN,PAN, MAN, WAN, VPN), OSI Model, TCP/IP Model, Cyber Threats and Models

(Cyber Threat and Model video itself covers for the video not linked here, please refer to that)

[These Videos are long really but I do suggest you to watch in 1.5x or 2x speed if possible]

Subtopics Notes: Overview of cybersecurity?, Why we need cyber Security, Aspect of Cyber Security, Basic Terminology of Networking ,Type of Computer Network (LAN,PAN, MAN, WAN, VPN) , OSI Model, TCP/IP Model, Cyber Threats and Models

Discussion Meeting Time: 10 am- 10:40am (UK time),Β  3:30pm to 4:10pm (Indian Time), 2:00am-2:40am (PST), 5:00am to 5:40am (EST) [Please join 2 min late then scheduled ]

Meeting Link: Click Here to Join

For your πŸ’₯: HACKING GOOGLE SeriesΒ 

Date: 17th Feb 2023

[Information will be released at midnight 16th of Feb]

πŸ† Bookworm Dumping Ground

Are you also a bookwork like me, okay so I am dumping down the free book for the subject here, read these if you as well had or have no valentine to go out on a date with you πŸ™‚

(haha, now you can just see the one book as I don’t want you to rush and ruin the experience of reading a book with heart, though I will update one every day)

  1. A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography

If you want to help me please feel free to volunteer

I need help with managing this course and for that I would be happy if you can volunteer, please feel free to write me an email with subject “Volunteering Option CSAC” to info@vinamrasharma.com

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Though I highly believe that education must be free and shared as much as possible. But, I will be happy to accept if you want to buy me some coffee to keep my hustle going in sleepless nights.

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